Robert Gunderson, Special Agent with KC FBI

FBI Agent Provides Active Shooter Training

FEATURED SPEAKER Special Agent Robert Gunderson with Kansas City FBI Law Enforcement was the guest speaker. Agent Gunderson has worked with criminal and specialty teams ...
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Lori Samms, Director, Excelsior Springs Job Cops Center

ES Job Corps Center Comes Back Strong

LUNCHEON SPONSOR Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center “We are building back to our strength.” The January meeting was opened by Brian Rice, Chamber Director. He ...
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Joe Morgan, owner

Cybersecurity Checklist

FEATURED SPEAKER New in 2024, the Chamber will bring guest speakers to the luncheon to share timely information, useful tips, and insightful business news to ...
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Clint Hylton and Jeremy Stone Co-sponsor Chamber Luncheon

The January meeting was opened by Brian Rice, Chamber Director. He thanked Clint Hylton and Jeremy Stone for co-sponsoring the event. Laura’s Pizza catered with select pizzas, salad and cookies. Several new attendees were present and were given a chance to introduce themselves and say a little about their businesses. Brian then invited sponsor Clint Hylton of Shelter Insurance Company to give a few words.

Clint Hylton co-luncheon sponsorClint Hylton thanked everyone for coming. He spoke about the Thrive Citizen’s Academy and hoped community members would check it out and get involved.

“Why is my car insurance going up?” Clint said this is the number one question he gets when working with clients. “The industry is seeing a loss ratio of 102-140%. Most of this is due to the cost of new vehicles, but also includes increases to cover electric and aluminum vehicles. There are still production issues with getting car parts.”

Clint cautioned that one of the biggest dangers to drivers is texting and driving. “Please put the phone down,” Clint said. “It will save a life.” He also urged those present who have not yet invested in a life insurance policy to do so “now”. The younger you are, the better rates you will receive and you can lock those rates in.

Clint’s office is located at 1350 N. Jesse James Rd., Excelsior Springs, MO. Phone 816-630-0077 or reach him by email at

Jeremy Stone, Edward Jones InvestmentsJeremy Stone of Edwards Jones Investment spoke next. Jeremy has been serving the area for the past six years.

“No two people’s financial journey is the same,” Jeremy said. He is available to help people discover what they need their money to do, as well as what they want their money to do.

“Regardless of the amount you may have to invest, I care about the story,” said Jeremy. Plans can begin with a $250 investment.

Jeremy’s office is located at 2400 Vintage Court, Excelsior Springs, MO. He can be reached at 816-630-9674 or send him an email to

A shout out to local entrapreunuers CJ and Zander’s Candle Co. Clint and Jeremy played an answer the question session, giving candles as prizes to those answering correctly.

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