Special Agent Robert Gunderson with Kansas City FBI Law Enforcement was the guest speaker. Agent Gunderson has worked with criminal and specialty teams since 2009. He does firearms and training for local, state and federal police agencies. “I like and enjoy providing this training,” said Agent Gunderson. “These presentations are important to me … and to you.”

FBI Agent Gunderson provides instruction on active shooters

Areas where active shooters occur include:
Businesses open to pedestrian traffic
Open spaces
Businesses closed to pedestrian traffic
Government properties

Active shooter incedents have been tracked by the FBI since 1999 with the Columbine school shootings. In the past few years, shooters have increased. Statistics provided by Gunderson for 2020 showed 40 active shootings. For 2021, that number increased to 61 active shootings with 103 deaths and 140 wounded.

Gunderson stressed, “Do not have an it will never happen here mindset. Do have a plan. Do develop the plan before the event (plan must be flexible). It is okay to talk to your children about what they should do.

What can you do?
You should first run if that is an option. Fighting should be your last option, but may be your only option. Do not try to reason with the shooter. Fight!

Considerations include:
Exits – Sounds of gunshots? Shooter visible? Exposed if you run?
Ability to hide – cover or concealment?
Ability to barricade – chance to change tactic?
Availability of weapons – improvised or otherwise

If you RUN, leave your belongings behind. Get others to go with you and don’t delay. Be prepared for police response. Be prepared to change your route if you encounter a gunman. Only call 911 when it is safe to do so.

If you FIGHT, do so as a last resort and only if  you life is in imminent danger. Attempt to incapacitate the shooter. Act with physical aggression and throw items at the shooter. Attack the weapon or the shooter’s ability to kill. You must fight like your life depends on it; it does.

Special Agent Gunderson provides Active Shooter Training for free. He can be reached at 816-512-8615 or email rsgunderson@fbi.gov.

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