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Healthcare in Excelsior Springs – State of the City

If we have not yet met, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kristen DeHart. I am honored to represent the Excelsior Springs Hospital as your City Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer. I like to start conversations by asking a simple question: “What is your first memory of healthcare?” Perhaps yours is a personal story, a trip to the doctor, a hospital or ER in the middle of the night; a death in your family after a long-illness; a traumatic experience with a friend or family member, or perhaps, something else. Until recently, most healthcare experiences were not something most people thought of as “a great experience”. Most would like to forget because usually, there is a degree of pain, hurt, humiliation or angst that goes with the visit.

I am always curious to learn the perceptions of our hospital. Most that I meet with shared a similar story—that while we provide good care, there are other options right down the highway—with bigger, better services, equipment, specialists, and more. A common response shared over and over was “Excelsior Springs needs more doctors”.

Hospitals and affiliated services are key to the growth initiatives of communities. With a national shortage of physicians and nurses, competition pulling at every opportunity to transport patients right down the highway and challenges affecting our hospital operations every day, how are we faring in Excelsior Springs? I will let you be the judge of that.

  • Excelsior Springs has excellent health options right here, available to our community members without leaving the city limits. We have multiple providers in the community with diverse backgrounds, all very dedicated to our community and our needs. We are so fortunate to have access to our healthcare partners and the resources that are available right here or at a reach to the affiliate hospitals spanning into the Kansas City Metro.
  • Our community healthcare providers support our hospital services; they refer patients to our hospital lab, radiology department, cardio-pulmonary services, to our specialists and our surgeons. Likewise, our hospital services rely on these referrals.
  • The larger systems are sharing their physicians and specialists who are commuting to our city to provide services, testing and follow-up services.
  • We have found ways to celebrate our services, recruiting new specialties and sharing success stories at every turn, and continue to have solid patient outcomes with each success.
    • Brad Hoffman, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine joined the EHS team in 2017. His expertise and reputation in our community have strengthened the care that we are able to provide in Excelsior Springs. Dr. Hoffman is also the Director of Emergency Medical Services for Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Lawson and Liberty.
    • Paul Torres, general surgeon works exclusively out of the Excelsior Springs Hospital. Dr. Torres is Board Certified in surgery and brings 20 years of experience to Excelsior Springs.
    • Chris Standley, Internal Medicine is our full-time hospitalist, taking excellent care of our admitted patients. He joins a strong history of excellent medical care, provided by Dr. Andrew Pickett and Dr. Robert Buzard.
    • Liberty Cardiology is now accepting patients at the Excelsior Springs Hospital, adding additional clinic times and consultative services for those with cardiac needs. Meritas Cardiology continues in long-standing commitment as well.
    • Michael Aberger is onboard, providing urology services, clinic and surgeries at ESH on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Haroon Khalid is now providing allergy and asthma services weekly.

Our healthcare options are critical to not only the health and well-being of the community. Access to healthcare is important for our aging population, but also a driving force for new families looking to live in Excelsior. Having access to immediate services cannot be argued when emergencies occur. Care that is closer to home is not only convenient, but improves quality of services, responses to treatments and a faster recovery time.

The future of healthcare continues with multiple challenges. I am confident that we will weather the storm and continue to build on our service offerings to Excelsior Springs and the surrounding communities. Together with our service providers, post-acute communities, outpatient services and community partners, I commit to our community the following for our future:

  • Your Excelsior Springs Hospital will continue to respond the needs of our community. We have been a part of this great community for nearly 120 years. We continue to evolve, and welcome new approaches, technologies and ideas.
  • Your ESH Emergency room is available 24/7 for emergency services, provided by board certified physicians that are local and committed to your care.
  • We have finalized our telehealth agreements with HCA-Midwest Health at Centerpoint Medical Center for TeleNeurology services. The ESH Emergency Room now has 24/7 access to Neurology services, provided within 90 seconds of a patient arrival into our Emergency room. We invite you to come by to meet STELLA, our newest robotic addition to the ER family!
  • Our hospital will continue to build on its partnerships, discussions with executive leaders and physician specialists affiliated with Excelsior Springs Hospital, North Kansas City Hospital, Liberty Hospital, the University of Kansas Health System, HCA and others to offer the highest level of care.
  • We will remain committed to being available and open to new patients and those in transition while working to add new insurance contracts and payment options.