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Clay County Public Health Center

“We continue to work hard every day to assure conditions exist in which all of our citizens can be healthy,” said Gary Zaborac, Director of Public Health. “Our Board of Health is committed to providing the highest standard of public health services to the residents of Clay County.”

During 2016, the health department completed its first year as a nationally accredited health department with the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). The accreditation was achieved through a proven capacity to deliver essential public health services, incorporating quality improvement and performance improvement practices into day to day operations, implementing strategies which allow setting priorities to meet the identified health needs of our communities in Clay County, ensures the taxpayer that their money is spent wisely, provides quality of services the public wants and needs, and advances the quality and performance of the agency by meeting or exceeding very rigorous national public health standards.

“In order to be successful in assuring conditions exist for people to be healthy, it takes a strong network of collaborative partners,” said Zaborac.

The Northland Health Alliance (NHA) is a coalition of partners including all three local health departments, local hospitals, medical providers, and many local nonprofits across Clay and Platte counties. These organizations realized that a working collaboration towards a common purpose really made sense if the health issues facing Northlanders were truly going to be effecitvely addressed and health outcomes improved. A comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was completed by the NHA and identified the top health issues affecting Clay and Platte County residents. The top three priority areas are:

Access to Care Task Force: This Task Force is focused on improving access to care and in particular, to care from a primary care provider. Having access to care, and in particular to care from a primary care provider, is an essential component to improving the health of an individual and to influencing positive health outcomes in the community as a whole.
Behavioral Health Task Force: This Task Force is focused on promoting and supporting mental and emotional well-being for all Northland citizens.
Chronic Disease Task Force: This Task Force is focused improving the overall health of the Northland Community through advancing healthy lifestyles, thus decreasing the incidence of the highest chronic disease.

These three task forces are working throughout 2017 to implement strategies to improve health outcomes in those three areas. What does this mean as a Northland resident? It ensures that resources are being allocated and people are working together to address those health issues having a major impact on the community’s health. It means a real difference can be made in making the Northland the best place to live, work and play.

Clay County Public Health Center’s primary focus is to deliver the essential public health services of prevention, promotion, and protection to the communities of Clay County. Those services include dental screenings for children and adults, immunizations, Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program, family planning, STD testing, tuberculosis (TB) services, and more.

“We had a lead role in the investigation and containment of a number of disease outbreaks in Clay County,” said Zaborac. “This very important work is accomplished each year beyond the public spotlight. Our dedicated team of epidemiologists, environmental health specialists and public health nurses respond quickly to effectively identify and contain outbreaks to prevent the spread of disease in Clay County men, women and children.”

For more information about Clay County Public Health Center services, events, or to become a volunteer, visit or call 816-595-4200. The Center is located at 800 Haines Drive, Liberty, MO 64068.