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Chamber Committee Opportunities

The Chamber invites you to get involved! Look over our committees then submit your interest to serve on one or more and a committee chair or the Chamber director will get in touch with you. Click here for form.

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM - Chair Dr. Pete Rucker

Purpose: To be a community relations outreach to visit current members and new members while seeking to provide guidance and support.

Responsibilities: Include visiting new members to see if they have questions about chamber benefits, or encouraging them to get involved and finding answers to help them succeed. Welcoming members at networking functions like the monthly luncheon, ribbon cuttings, and business after hours.

AUCTION COMMITTEE - Chair Jeanne Buckman

Purpose: To organize the auction portion of the Annual Awards Dinner & Auction.

Responsibilities: The auction committee is responsible for obtaining auction items for the auction, organizing the auction by numbering the auction items and determining those items that will be silent, paddle or oral auction items. In addition the committee obtains the services of the auctioneer. Currently the committee is alternately each year between Jim McCullough and Gary Ryther. In addition this committee is responsible for printing bid cards, tracking auction results, and preparing the auction site.


Purpose: to promote and encourage nominations of community leaders.

Responsibilities: To promote and encourage nominations from the community then select a winner for each of the following awards:
Citizens of the Years
Citizen of the Year
Chamber Member of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Special Recognition

AWARDS DINNER COMMITTEE - Chair Dr. David Lawrence

Purpose: To organize the dinner portion of the Annual Awards Dinner & Auction.

Responsibilities: Include working with the site location to confirm dates, develop the dinner menu, determining decorations and establish a cost per meal.

CHRISTMAS COMMITTEE - Chair Amanda Romazon

Purpose: To provide a holiday atmosphere through organizing numerous Christmas events and community lighting displays.

Responsibilities: To ensure the community is decorated with Christmas lighting and present such events as follows:
Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting
Hall of Trees
Progressive Taste of Christmas
Lane of Lights
Christmas Parade
Holiday Homes Tour
Jingle Jam


Purpose: To work with the City of Excelsior Springs and other entities within the city to enhance and increase economic development opportunities within the community.

Responsibilities: To meet with interested parties to show them Excelsior Springs sharing it history, availability of current buildings for sale or rent and or building sites as appropriate. This includes showing them around the community, introducing them to the right people and assisting them through the process.


Purpose: To provide the membership with professional development workshops.

Responsibilities: To research and schedule speakers that can present a variety of topics that pertain to small business, including, but not limited to, marketing, human resource issues, personal connections, networking, social media and more.


Purpose: To review on a monthly basis the financial condition of the Chamber and report to the Board of Directors.

Responsibilities: Include meeting on a monthly basis with the accountant to review the previous month's revenues and expenses, identifying the reason for gain or loss and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for further consideration. In addition the committee will review all deposited funds in money markets, certificates of deposits and general fund and make decisions as to the best action to take to ensure a return on those funds by reviewing interest rates from all Chamber members providing such services. The committee will assist and provide guidance to the President/CEO in the development of the annual budget.

Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, 9 a.m., Chamber office

GOLF COMMITTEE - Chair Brian Yarbrough

Purpose: To organize and manage the Chamber golf tournament as a profitable fundraiser.

Responsibilities: To ensure a successful event through planning, contracting with the golf course, determining options for increasing revenue, marketing/promotion and obtaining donated items for the silent auction and or raffle.

Meetings: Thursday through August 12 tournament, 3 p.m., Chamber office


Purpose: To provide a development program to build community leaders through leadership training courses and the opportunity to better understand the issues and needs of the local community.

Responsibilities: To identify and provide training based on the past, current and future needs and issues facing our future leaders and the vitality of our community.


Purpose: To coordinate the overall marketing and tourism efforts of the Chamber and Chamber events.

Responsibilities: Develop a marketing plan and collateral materials in support of the Chamber's efforts to promote economic development and tourism as needed.

Meetings: First Monday of the month, 4 p.m., Chamber office

MEMBERSHIP - Chair Wanda Dusek

Purpose: To retain and increase membership in the chamber.

Responsibilities: To develop a plan which addresses member retention and new memberships by visiting current non-member businesses and new businesses that are starting up. This would include encouraging new and current members to attend networking events, ribbon cuttings, business after hours and sharing the benefits of Chamber membership.


Purpose: To provide a list of candidates for board membership, provide a recommended slate of officers and oversee the election process.

Responsibilities: Review the current membership who are in good standing and select five candidates to nominate for board membership according to the Chamber Bylaws and oversee the election process. After election of new board members the committee will provide a recommendated slate of officers according to the bylaws.


Purpose: To ensure the short term tactical plan and long term plan stays on target.

Responsibilities: Review and understand the short and long term goals and objectives of the board thereby bringing the board back in sync with their state plan.


Purpose: To ensure the Chamber is guided by an approved set of policies and procedures that are compliant with legal requirements of city, state and federal government laws and represent good business practices.

Responsibilities: Ensure the constitution, bylaws and policies and procedures are inter-related and establishes a way of doing business. Making changes in policy when it is in the best interest of the organization to do so or to conform to changes in the law or good business practice.


Purpose: To oversee the process and selection of scholarship candidates and awards.

Responsibilities: To work with the President/CEO and the High School Counselors to obtain scholarship candidates, based upon selected criteria which includes the process of distributing funds. In addition the committee will pick one candidate for a $1,000 scholarship, two or more may be awarded if approved by the board and money is available. Funding for the scholarship fund should also be considered.

TROLLEY COMMITTEE - Chair Janet Blauvelt

Purpose: Plan and promote the Chamber Trolley bookings.

Responsibilities: To prepare a marketing champaign for both public and private events, along with pursuing partnership possibilities in order to generate revenue for the Chamber. To troubleshoot trolley needs as they become present, such as maintenance or special circumstances and/or requests.

WATERFEST COMMITTEE - Co-Chairs Clint Hylton and Brian Rice

Purpose: Plan and coordinate the Waterfest Festival.

Responsibilities: To establish the Waterfest event committee chairs, coordinate the planning of festival events, entertainment and various other attractions as well as oversee the activities during the festival. Marketing of the festival will be the responsibility of the Waterfest Marketing Committee.

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